Chinese Art During 960-1368 BC- The Song and Yuan Dynasty Paintings

Thursday, January 31st, 2013


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Chinese Art During 960-1368 BC- The Song and Yuan Dynasty Paintings

The Song Dynasty, which lasted from 960 up to 1279 BC, was the time where landscape paintings with more delicate expressions starter to surface. Using blurred out outlines, painters were able to express immeasurable optical distances. They had made the contours of mountains to disappear among the mists and an impressionistic action of the natural phenomena was conveyed.

As according to the concept of the Taoist and the Buddhist, you can perceive how the artists of the Song Dynasty has painted and placed emphasis on his artwork’s spiritual quality. By this aspect, the artist was able to let out the inner harmony between nature and man.

A Chinese ancient painter who had lived during the 13th century or the at the time of the Song Dynasty, called himself “ Madman Liang”, had spent his life painting and drinking as well. Then eventually, he had retired from that kind of living and decided to become a Zen Monk. From then on, Liang has been remembered of his effort to invent the Chinese Zen School for arts.

Another painter during the 11th century, Wen Tong, had been noted for his famous artworks on ink paintings of the bamboos. He said to have the ability of holding two paint brushes at a time, one on each of his hands, while he paints 2 distanced bamboos at the same time. While he does his craft, there was no need for him to look at any subjects for the bamboos, because he has been very familiar with these subjects.

During the Yuan Dynasty, a lot of the court artists and literary artists have retreated from their social lives, they decided to return their art concepts back to nature. They have both back the landscape paintings and renewed the green and blue style of what the earlier Tang Dynasty brought.

Among the painters who did so was Wang Meng, he had one of his famous arts called as the Forest Grotto. There was also Zhao Mengfu, a painter as well as a calligrapher during the dynasty of Yuan. This Chinese scholar has rejected the painting style of having very refined and gentle brushworks, while he favored the much cruder style bought by the 8th century dynasty. This has caused to bring about a revolution on the Chinese painting and had created the existence of the modern landscape Chinese paintings today.

Among these painters, there was also the detailed and the vivid artworks of Qian Xuan during the 1235 to 1305 BC, he had served the Song court and has refused to serve the Yuan dynasty out of patriotisms and just turned in to painting. Qian Xuan was also famous in reviving a style that has started on the Tang dynasty paintings.

The Art Of Chinese Antiques

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The Art Of Chinese Antiques
You just love everything Asian. You have traveled all around the world and yet there is this certain lure that you only have been able to see in Asia. That is why you keep on coming back to Asia over and over again. And through all those times that you have been there, you have found that their art is something really unique. That is why you have dedicated a room in your home just for Asia.
If you really would like to have a room that has an Asian theme, then you have to make sure that you have  antique Chinese with you there. See, Chinese antiques are really good pieces because they have a very unique art and a very unique design. You can use them to further make your room better and have them around any pieces of Chinese furniture that you may have acquired.
A good thing about using Chinese antiques is that the Chinese whose hands have created the pieces are really good craftsmen. You can see that in the kind of work that they do. You would be able to notice that everything is intricate about the pieces and that each one is unique. You would also be able to see that the Chinese use a lot of bronze in their work. So if you would have a Chinese antique that is made of bronze, you would not have to really worry about it standing out from the rest of the room like a sore thumb. See, bronze really goes well with pretty much everything.
When you say Chinese antiques, it does not necessarily have to be just jars and vases and figurines. You can also find some really nice Chinese antiques that come in the form of scrolls. The Chinese really love scrolls and these scrolls are even nice to look at. If you have come across one, you would be able to appreciate the detail that they put into it. Add to that all those really wonderful paintings that they have done. You can say that the Chinese are really good craftsmen with the antiques that the world has come to know.
So it is best that you plan your room well. Make sure that you choose a good theme. You may have chosen Asia as your theme but with all the really wonderful Chinese antiques around that you can acquire, you may want to change your mind and have a Chinese room instead.

Which Chinese Antiques To Choose?

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Which Chinese Antiques To Choose?
You have decided that you would like your new home to have a Chinese theme. You have adored just how wonderful the Chinese decorations are. You especially love going to Chinatown just to be able to marvel in the beauty of their art. With that, with your new home already ready for living in, you thought that it would be nice to have your home all made up in Chinese decorations. Your interior decorator told you that if you would like such, you can opt to find Chinese antiques to help decorate your home.
The good thing about Chinese antiques is that they are very unique. They have this certain look that you cannot find anywhere else. It is something that is really nice to look at and is really quite elegant in its own sense. You do not need to add anything to it to make it look grand. It is already grand just by itself.
It is also a good thing to have Chinese antiques for your home because they are very durable. They have lasted for years and it means that they can last for an even longer time. There are plenty of Chinese antique pieces of furniture that you can find in the market. They are very functional and they can make your room be really nice. It is, of course, very important for you to choose the right pieces so that it would make your home look a lot nicer than you have ever imagined.
It is important that you ask yourself first what pieces you would like to have for your home. You cannot just go on a shopping spree and choose whatever you like. You have to have a really good plan as per what pieces you would like to have in your home. This will help you understand just what types of furniture pieces you would be purchasing. If you need a place to put on your television set, then you have to make sure that you find good shelves or tables. You would not want to purchase a Chinese antique cabinet just because it looked pretty.
It is important to always plan ahead. Planning is going to help you understand just how you would like your room to be like. You can always go with an expert and ask them about which type you should have for your home. They could actually go with you and shop for Chinese antiques together. That way, you would have a person with a good eye with you.

Is That A Genuine Chinese Antique?

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Is That A Genuine Chinese Antique?
If you are going to do a quick search online to find some good pieces of Chinese antiques, then you may be surprised at just how wide the range of the prices can be. There are some that can be just about right and then there are some that can go to a really high price. Of course, if you are going to just base everything on the prices, you may think that only those with high prices are the real deal. But then again, how are you to know for sure?
The thing is, there are people who take advantage of other people. They do know that a lot of people really like Chinese antiques. With that, they would try to imitate such pieces and make them look like they are already old. With the tons and tons of products in the market and the tons and tons of techniques that have been discovered, it is not surprising if a person can make something and make it look like the real deal when in fact it was only made a week ago.
It is important that you understand how things go for Chinese antiques. For example, it is important that you know that the government of China has come to hold a law that says that any items in their country that are 250 years old or even older should not be taken out of the country. In fact, they should stay in the country. They cannot take it out of China. If they do, then there would be a punishment for those individuals.
So if you do find a piece of Chinese antique that is said to be around that age, then you should not really think that it is real. In fact, you may think that it is some kind of bogus item because you know this law in China. It should save you from all the hassle that comes with buying a piece that is not even real and paying hundreds of dollars for it.
Of course, you can always go and find an expert in Chinese antiques. There are some people around who are really good at checking if a piece is genuine or not. If you do find one, then you can ask for his or her help regarding a piece that has caught your eye. It would help you a lot if you could get his or her opinion on the piece. That way, you can see if you are really looking at a real piece and if the price for that is just right.

Collecting Chinese Antiques

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Collecting Chinese Antiques
People collect things for various reasons. Some really like collecting stuff because they find them interesting. Some collect such just because they can. There are a lot of other reasons. And if you are one of those people who love collecting things, then perhaps you may want to start on a new collection – collecting pieces of Chinese antiques.
Of course, if you say that you are collecting Chinese antiques, then you may have to think of that line again. See, there are plenty of Chinese antiques that you can find in the market. With that, it means that you may want to be more specific as per what types of Chinese antiques you would like to start collecting. There are plenty of those around and so you may want to find the best pieces that are good for collecting.
One of the favorite pieces to collect when it comes to Chinese antiques would be pendants. Pendants are really very interesting to have and how these pendants are made by the early Chinese are really worth looking at. In fact, the designs can be intricate and you would see that it took a lot of work for that pendant to become what it is. With that, collecting such can be quite a rewarding experience. Plus, you would not have to shell out a lot of money to be able to start this collection because pendants do not come with really high price tags.
Another thing that you may want to collect when it comes to Chinese antiques would be snuff bottles. There are a lot of such bottles around but you may want to collect those that have been made from a certain period. They are really wonderful to have and collect as they are beautiful in their own ways. They come with a lot of various designs. The hands that made them put in a lot of carvings that are very unique. You cannot find real good snuff bottles that have been made at present.
The Chinese are really known for their use of jade in their affairs and in their pieces. It is something that they really like to use because it is something very precious for them. With that, you can find a lot of pieces that make use of this stone. You may want to focus your collection on Chinese antiques that make use of jade or have this stone in it.