List Of The Most Viewed Music Videos For The Year 2013

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

List Of The Most Viewed Music Videos For The Year 2013

2013 has surely been a revelation year for many music artists. Old and new talents have surely shown their singing potentials and charisma to the people by showing of their best music videos to the world. Considering the fact that we are now in the very last month of 2013, giving special recognitions and awards just like the most viewed music video in this particular year is only essential to do. And by that, without further a-do, here are the lists of 2013’s most viewed music videos.

Number one in the list is Gentleman which is sang and performed by Korean superstar, PSY. With a whopping 605 million views from all around the corners of the world, there is nothing that can deny the stardom and popularity of such music video. Already been declared as the second most viewed music video of all time, following Gangnam Style which is also performed by the same artist, it is quite clear why it has easily secured the number one spot for the most famous music video of 2013. The only chance that this particular song video is to be dethroned to such title is if there is a specific video that can garner more than 605 million for the next two weeks or so. But putting reality in perspective, such situation can only be viewed as a one-in-a-million miracle.

Second on the list is Miley Cyrus with her new hit single Wrecking Ball. The former Hannah Montana star and Disney princess has truly become a matured lady with the release of this particular music video. However, it was so matured than even Miley choose to go all out naked during the releasing of it on September 9. Wrecking Ball has been a total shocker for most Miley and music fans and it certainly is a breakthrough performance of the year. Needless to say, because of this controversial video, it has easily sky rocketed in the second spot with 418 million views within a span of two months. Truly a remarkable feature that is quite intriguing to comprehend.

Next on the list is We Can’t Stop by none other than Miley Cyrus, again. Among all musicians or artists, in general, who have created a big buzz in 2013, Miley Cyrus might be one, if not, the one who created the biggest impact. With her engaged getting revoked in the last minute by his longtime boyfriend, Cyrus became so rebellious by making music videos which totally exposes her body and actions that are kind of inadequate for children’s and teenager’s to see. In terms of the music she have created, it surely is catchy but in all honesty, what made this song of hers gather 312 million views is definitely because of the directed music video of it.

Following Miley and currently sitting in the fourth spot is Katy Perry’s Roar. Published on September 5, this music video has garnered 270 million views worldwide. With the combination of a catchy wildlife concept, an easy to remember tone and lyrics as well as a very hot artist who is performing such music, there is nothing more to doubt on the popularity of such music video.

Wrapping up the top five most viewed music video this year is Just Give Me A Reason by Pink featuring Nate Ruess of FUN. With 240 million views on its belt, this particular MV surely had everyone singing on the earlier part of the year. However, with the release of the first four videos above, this very lovely and hip song fell drastically in terms of views.  Nevertheless, it has still remained popular during the whole course of the season.

These lists of music videos were created based on the number of views it has collected in a certain social media which is YouTube. If you have your doubts on these given lists, you can freely visit such social media site to confirm it this particular ranking is true or not.

2013-12-18 List Of The Most Viewed Music Videos For The Year 2013

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