Fun Movie Facts-The Three Highest Grossing Films Of 2013

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Fun Movie Facts-The Three Highest Grossing Films Of 2013

Just like the music industry, the movie sector also had a very busy and productive year in 2013. With so much high quality movies being produced by various production companies, making a list of the best movies for this year is somewhat quite difficult to handle. But because we are now down to the very last month of such year and 2014 is moving closer and closer to our calendars, it would not be fair not to recognize the most successful and highest grossing films in our present year. So without further delays and additional introductions, here are the three high quality movies that surely came on top in 2013.

The third installation of Marvel’s Iron Man got the number one position in this year’s highest grossing film lists. With a 200 million dollar budget movie converted into a 1.2 billion dollar box office hit, there is surely nothing that can outlast this particular Hollywood production in this year’s highest grossing catalogue. With the acting prowess of Robert Downey Jr. taking on the role of Tony Starks, the high ego billionaire character who had created the Iron Man suits, reenacting a very popular comic series and making it into a movie is probably one of the best moves Marvel have ever done. With the big success gained by such movie within this year, anyone could safely assume that the discussion of another Iron Man installment is on its way.

The next Hollywood movie that followed Iron Man 3 in the highest grossing movie department is Despicable Me 2. With this animated movie gaining 781 million dollars from ticket sales all over the world, it is quite a testament that animated movies today are becoming more of a choice by many people. Part of the reason why Despicable Me 2 has its big success is because it was created to be friendly and amusing for children and it has the composition to adore adults in the same process. In much simpler sense, this particular animated movie was built for all ages to enjoy and with that, it has surely traveled a long way. From being 76 million dollar project turning into a more or less 800 million dollar hit, Illumination Entertainment has surely gained way more than what they are expecting.

Liongate’s Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire is the third highest grosser in this particular year. With a gross of 360 million dollars and is still actively counting up as it has still been showing in various theaters in other countries, this book based movie masterpiece has surely caught up in the standings. Considering the fact that this movie just got recently released into the movie theaters, it is quite remarkable to know that it has achieved a very impressive feat.

Basing on the numbers of each given movie above, it is quite easy to depict that Iron Man 3 will likely hold the first position until the end of 2013 comes. But in terms of the second and third position, there might still be a chance for Hunger Games 2 to catch up with the second installation of Despicable Me since it has still been actively shown in many movie houses all over the globe.

2013-12-18 Fun Movie Facts-The Three Highest Grossing Films Of 2013

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