Different Chinese Antiques

Sunday, April 14th, 2013


Different Chinese Antiques
China has been widely known for several stuffs. Aside from it rich history and great stories, Chinese from the ancient times were very famous of their arts. A lot of them still lives today and are now in the antique industry as the most prestigious pieces of art antique collections.
There are a lot of materials used in the creation of these masterpieces in the great times of China. But to create such great pieces requires great people with mastery on the art acquired from years and years of experience, combined with the highest qualities of the raw materials. This was then known as part of the Chinese cultures.
Here are the list of materials used during the early times in china to create such masterpieces we now call the Chinese antiques:
Bronze. Bronze actually played great art for the creations of the early dynasties in China. They are actually part of a good Chinese antique. Sacrificial vessels made in china, antique daggers, antique vine vessels that were form usually in animal shape, musical instruments, pots and many more actually have bonze as its raw material to make it last long!
Jade. Jade has also played a part in the Chinese antique collections. Chinese have started to carve jade as a material for masterpieces during the 3,000 B.C. in the Neolithic period. But jades carved during the earliest time on its history were only found to be small items like beads, animal statues for decoration and also for pendants. Then as the time grew old, the Chinese arts made of jades were developed into carving for items like chalices, pipes, burial suits and even brushes.
Ceramics. These are actually very famous pieces that originates from China. A lot of these materials are unearthed from various places. It was a proof that the Chinese trades were already very active in the early times that is products reached far places. Ceramics are actually products of pottery where high quality clay is used to make the pieces last this long for thousands of years ago.
When clay is mixed with crushed stones from china, it then creates a material for porcelain. Porcelain antiques have shiny surfaces and are smooth. China wares that are used in many homes today are actually products originating from China and are porcelain examples.
Chinese antiques are very valuable. Pottery materials are actually brittle. They might chip easily. But it is just so amazing how very ancient pottery pieces from china managed to last this long. you also can fine art gallery from here

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