Christmas Songs That You Might Want To Avoid Playing During The Yuletide Season

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Christmas Songs That You Might Want To Avoid Playing During The Yuletide Season

There is no denying that most Christmas songs are great and jolly to hear. Mostly created to give an emphasis to the merriness of the yuletide season, these timely sound tracks surely give everyone the pleasure of hearing a joyful and relaxing music specifically created for such special holiday event. But as positive and as perfect as it may seem, there are still some Christmas songs that are not lovable to hear. Despite the intention of composers to create such timely music that will fit for this particular special event, there are still some Christmas sound tracks that contain senseless meanings, questionable compositions, and bad choices of words for the lyrics. To put it in simpler terms, there are some Christmas songs that you might want to avoid playing during the celebration of such extraordinary event.

The song Do They Know Its Christmas by the Band Aid is probably one of the most fitting examples of a Christmas song that is not good to be played during the holiday season. The reason behind why this particular track is being tagged as one of the worst Christmas music of all time is because of its inconsistency in the lyrics and poor quality composition. Although there are still many people who manage to bought their own copy on this particular Christmas soundtrack, this is only because the band pledge to donate their earnings to charitable work. But in all honesty, there are no such records that support Band Aid’s good deeds which arouse odd and intriguing questions. Whether the money is indeed given to those who are in need or not, the bottom line is that the song itself is not that catchy and sometimes it can ruin the Christmas mood and spirit.

Baby Its Cold Outside is another example of a Christmas song that is not really suited for such special occasion. In comparison to the first song being given above, this particular soundtrack has more sense on its lyrics and its formation is quite impressive. However, the meaning behind such music is divided into two different parts. While it may give an impression of an ongoing Christmas love, there are instances wherein some specific parts of this certain music are portraying inadequate mature scenes. Considering the fact that Christmas is mostly celebrated with children, it is kind of clear that this particular Christmas melody should never be played.

These two particular songs are only few of the many Christmas soundtracks that you should thoroughly consider before playing it into your household. If you do have an interest on such music, then it is totally up to you if you want to go with it or not. But if you do consider the lyrics and the composition of such musical pieces, you would certainly notice that these songs have the capability to alter the Christmas mood and spirit of your home.

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