How To Save Yourself From Picking The Wrong Wall Paint Ideas

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

How To Save Yourself From Picking The Wrong Wall Paint Ideas

Sometimes, plain painted walls become boring and dull to look at that homeowners decide to add a twist on them. There are times when the usual monochromatic wall painting style cannot suffice the creative and adventurous side of most people, even an entire family can feel that their home walls lack the much needed color and design that will fire up the whole ambience of their home. Because of these certain facts, many homeowners risk repainting their dim walls with livelier and attractive forms that can surely lift up the spirit of the whole family. However, with so many wall paint ideas out there, it would certainly be not an easy task for homeowners to pick the best one out of the others.

There are more than a thousand designs and forms of wall paint ideas that are bombarded in most interior design blogs and sites as well as in magazines and catalogues. Although it would be reassuring enough to consider adapting  one of these styles, it would not be a hundred percent sure at all that the one you have chosen would work well with your furniture and other home interior items. That is why, before choosing any one of them, it is much better to consider different aspects first that would greatly affect the success of your plan.

The like and dislikes of every family member must be consulted first before jumping into the actual wall repainting activity if you do not want to have someone opposing to the style or design that you have opted to apply to your home walls. Certainly, it would not be a good thing at all to harbor an unhealthy relationship with one or two family members just because they did not agree with your choices.

Aside from the preferences of your family members, the harmony of your furniture and other home interior items must also be put into thinking due to the fact that the wall paint ideas that you would choose would either make or break the harmony of your home interior.

Adding a touch of your personal preference to the design of your wall painting might be a good idea but if you consider the fact that there are also other people living inside of your home, then resorting to neutral colors or designs will be a much better decision to make. However, you may also choose to personalize the bedroom walls according to every family member’s preference because it is a private and personal part of the home after all.

2014-02-26 How To Save Yourself From Picking The Wrong Wall Paint Ideas

Beautiful African Paintings And Their Rise To Fame

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Beautiful African Paintings And Their Rise To Fame

Africa is a continent that flourishes both in flora and fauna, with a diverse group of people and a rich wildlife. Even if the the biggest desert lies barren in the continent, several life forms still manage to thrive in the outskirts which resembles the resilience of the African people and the strong survivability of the tribes. Africa is the world where humans and animals literally share the same territory and literally sleep at the same bed. This rare close interaction between humans and the wild makes africa one of the most favored places for artists to get an inspiration for their art works.

Because of this certain fact, there is no doubt about an African possessing great artistic skills and producing wonderful masterpieces. Not only do Africans have the natural talent of imbuing their artworks with a touch of nature, they also have the capability to harness artistic talent and use it to their own advantage. In turn, coming into fame was never a narrow path for African paintings, which are known for their ethnic style and a colorful display of living objects.

There are a lot of African paintings made available both on local stores and online paint shops today. African painters use a variety of styles and techniques in creating their African paintings which could make it hard for buyers to choose a certain painting of their liking. The matter of choice could go down to the type of object showcased such as wild animals like giraffes, lions, elephants and zebras to tribes and African people carrying a jug of water on their heads. The style of painting can also be a factor that will determine a buyer’s preference, ranging from ethnic, to abstract, impressionistic to modern and many others.

Of course, price range is also a matter of concern for most buyers, which is also true for African paintings. Prices may vary from one dollar to a thousand dollars or even more, depending on the quality of the painting and the painter behind such art piece. No matter how much such paintings would cost, as long as the buyer is happy with his choice, then it would always be worth the price.

African paintings and nature can be called inseparable concepts, a fact that makes such artworks a delight for most homeowners and interior designers who wish to instill a nature-inspired effect and a calming mood inside a home or an office building. Some of these masterpieces come in a set of paintings, that when hanged on walls side by side, create a great panoramic view of an African life.

 2014-02-26 Beautiful African Paintings And Their Rise To Fame

List Of The Most Viewed Music Videos For The Year 2013

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

List Of The Most Viewed Music Videos For The Year 2013

2013 has surely been a revelation year for many music artists. Old and new talents have surely shown their singing potentials and charisma to the people by showing of their best music videos to the world. Considering the fact that we are now in the very last month of 2013, giving special recognitions and awards just like the most viewed music video in this particular year is only essential to do. And by that, without further a-do, here are the lists of 2013’s most viewed music videos.

Number one in the list is Gentleman which is sang and performed by Korean superstar, PSY. With a whopping 605 million views from all around the corners of the world, there is nothing that can deny the stardom and popularity of such music video. Already been declared as the second most viewed music video of all time, following Gangnam Style which is also performed by the same artist, it is quite clear why it has easily secured the number one spot for the most famous music video of 2013. The only chance that this particular song video is to be dethroned to such title is if there is a specific video that can garner more than 605 million for the next two weeks or so. But putting reality in perspective, such situation can only be viewed as a one-in-a-million miracle.

Second on the list is Miley Cyrus with her new hit single Wrecking Ball. The former Hannah Montana star and Disney princess has truly become a matured lady with the release of this particular music video. However, it was so matured than even Miley choose to go all out naked during the releasing of it on September 9. Wrecking Ball has been a total shocker for most Miley and music fans and it certainly is a breakthrough performance of the year. Needless to say, because of this controversial video, it has easily sky rocketed in the second spot with 418 million views within a span of two months. Truly a remarkable feature that is quite intriguing to comprehend.

Next on the list is We Can’t Stop by none other than Miley Cyrus, again. Among all musicians or artists, in general, who have created a big buzz in 2013, Miley Cyrus might be one, if not, the one who created the biggest impact. With her engaged getting revoked in the last minute by his longtime boyfriend, Cyrus became so rebellious by making music videos which totally exposes her body and actions that are kind of inadequate for children’s and teenager’s to see. In terms of the music she have created, it surely is catchy but in all honesty, what made this song of hers gather 312 million views is definitely because of the directed music video of it.

Following Miley and currently sitting in the fourth spot is Katy Perry’s Roar. Published on September 5, this music video has garnered 270 million views worldwide. With the combination of a catchy wildlife concept, an easy to remember tone and lyrics as well as a very hot artist who is performing such music, there is nothing more to doubt on the popularity of such music video.

Wrapping up the top five most viewed music video this year is Just Give Me A Reason by Pink featuring Nate Ruess of FUN. With 240 million views on its belt, this particular MV surely had everyone singing on the earlier part of the year. However, with the release of the first four videos above, this very lovely and hip song fell drastically in terms of views.  Nevertheless, it has still remained popular during the whole course of the season.

These lists of music videos were created based on the number of views it has collected in a certain social media which is YouTube. If you have your doubts on these given lists, you can freely visit such social media site to confirm it this particular ranking is true or not.

2013-12-18 List Of The Most Viewed Music Videos For The Year 2013

Fun Movie Facts-The Three Highest Grossing Films Of 2013

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Fun Movie Facts-The Three Highest Grossing Films Of 2013

Just like the music industry, the movie sector also had a very busy and productive year in 2013. With so much high quality movies being produced by various production companies, making a list of the best movies for this year is somewhat quite difficult to handle. But because we are now down to the very last month of such year and 2014 is moving closer and closer to our calendars, it would not be fair not to recognize the most successful and highest grossing films in our present year. So without further delays and additional introductions, here are the three high quality movies that surely came on top in 2013.

The third installation of Marvel’s Iron Man got the number one position in this year’s highest grossing film lists. With a 200 million dollar budget movie converted into a 1.2 billion dollar box office hit, there is surely nothing that can outlast this particular Hollywood production in this year’s highest grossing catalogue. With the acting prowess of Robert Downey Jr. taking on the role of Tony Starks, the high ego billionaire character who had created the Iron Man suits, reenacting a very popular comic series and making it into a movie is probably one of the best moves Marvel have ever done. With the big success gained by such movie within this year, anyone could safely assume that the discussion of another Iron Man installment is on its way.

The next Hollywood movie that followed Iron Man 3 in the highest grossing movie department is Despicable Me 2. With this animated movie gaining 781 million dollars from ticket sales all over the world, it is quite a testament that animated movies today are becoming more of a choice by many people. Part of the reason why Despicable Me 2 has its big success is because it was created to be friendly and amusing for children and it has the composition to adore adults in the same process. In much simpler sense, this particular animated movie was built for all ages to enjoy and with that, it has surely traveled a long way. From being 76 million dollar project turning into a more or less 800 million dollar hit, Illumination Entertainment has surely gained way more than what they are expecting.

Liongate’s Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire is the third highest grosser in this particular year. With a gross of 360 million dollars and is still actively counting up as it has still been showing in various theaters in other countries, this book based movie masterpiece has surely caught up in the standings. Considering the fact that this movie just got recently released into the movie theaters, it is quite remarkable to know that it has achieved a very impressive feat.

Basing on the numbers of each given movie above, it is quite easy to depict that Iron Man 3 will likely hold the first position until the end of 2013 comes. But in terms of the second and third position, there might still be a chance for Hunger Games 2 to catch up with the second installation of Despicable Me since it has still been actively shown in many movie houses all over the globe.

2013-12-18 Fun Movie Facts-The Three Highest Grossing Films Of 2013

Christmas Songs That You Might Want To Avoid Playing During The Yuletide Season

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Christmas Songs That You Might Want To Avoid Playing During The Yuletide Season

There is no denying that most Christmas songs are great and jolly to hear. Mostly created to give an emphasis to the merriness of the yuletide season, these timely sound tracks surely give everyone the pleasure of hearing a joyful and relaxing music specifically created for such special holiday event. But as positive and as perfect as it may seem, there are still some Christmas songs that are not lovable to hear. Despite the intention of composers to create such timely music that will fit for this particular special event, there are still some Christmas sound tracks that contain senseless meanings, questionable compositions, and bad choices of words for the lyrics. To put it in simpler terms, there are some Christmas songs that you might want to avoid playing during the celebration of such extraordinary event.

The song Do They Know Its Christmas by the Band Aid is probably one of the most fitting examples of a Christmas song that is not good to be played during the holiday season. The reason behind why this particular track is being tagged as one of the worst Christmas music of all time is because of its inconsistency in the lyrics and poor quality composition. Although there are still many people who manage to bought their own copy on this particular Christmas soundtrack, this is only because the band pledge to donate their earnings to charitable work. But in all honesty, there are no such records that support Band Aid’s good deeds which arouse odd and intriguing questions. Whether the money is indeed given to those who are in need or not, the bottom line is that the song itself is not that catchy and sometimes it can ruin the Christmas mood and spirit.

Baby Its Cold Outside is another example of a Christmas song that is not really suited for such special occasion. In comparison to the first song being given above, this particular soundtrack has more sense on its lyrics and its formation is quite impressive. However, the meaning behind such music is divided into two different parts. While it may give an impression of an ongoing Christmas love, there are instances wherein some specific parts of this certain music are portraying inadequate mature scenes. Considering the fact that Christmas is mostly celebrated with children, it is kind of clear that this particular Christmas melody should never be played.

These two particular songs are only few of the many Christmas soundtracks that you should thoroughly consider before playing it into your household. If you do have an interest on such music, then it is totally up to you if you want to go with it or not. But if you do consider the lyrics and the composition of such musical pieces, you would certainly notice that these songs have the capability to alter the Christmas mood and spirit of your home.

2013-12-18 Christmas Songs That You Might Want To Avoid Playing During The Yuletide Season

Sports That Can Help Fit A Woman’s Body

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Sports That Can Help Fit A Woman’s Body

Being physically right and fit in terms body figure is one of every woman’s dream. The reason for this is because it gives every female the confidence to stand up in front of a crowd or anyone in particular. Since having a good physical image is a serious matter for every single and married lady, it is truly not shocking if anyone wants a physique that can magnetize every eye that laid on them. There are many ways on how women can actually get near to perfect body. One of those ways is through the help of sports. If you are one of those girls who aspire to be physically fit through the use of various physical activities, then here are some sports that you might want to try out.

Cheerleading is one sport that will surely will help you buff up and shaped your body. Yes, you have read it right. Cheerleading is now generally accepted as a sport rather in most western countries and it has been slowly inching into Asian culture as well. Every year, various cheerleading competitions are being held in order to crown the best of the best. By that, it is only a testament of why such cheering became a formal sport to the world. But putting aside such competitive nature, cheerleading is no doubt very useful in terms of losing weight and shaping every core muscles of the body. With the proper knowledge on how to do make this activity work combine with perseverance and hard work, every woman like you that wants to have a slimmer and sexy body will surely get reach such goal.

Racket sports such as tennis and badminton are also superb fitness oriented activities. Running and chasing around the court to hit back the ball or shuttle cock to continue the play in a short amount of time will already result to sweat which is very important when you are aiming for well fit body. Considering the nature and rules of these sports, it is quite clear that it can surely make anyone loss a ton of excess body water and fat in just minimal amount of time.

Volleyball may not have the same level of running and chasing mechanics like tennis and badminton have but it surely has the capability of giving any woman the body that they readily desire. Just by looking at the bodies of professional volleyball players gives everyone a clear idea of how effective this sport can be in terms of toning such feminine body into shape.

There other many sports out there that can help you flap up your body and whip it into a superb and hot figure. It is only up to you to choose what sport would make you feel comfortable in your trimming down activity.

2013-12-18 Sports That Can Help Fit A Woman

Different uses of Abstract Paintings

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Different uses of Abstract Paintings
A beautifully made painting can impact someone in many different ways. Either they are amazed by the creativity, inspired by the level of artistry or feel envious because they think that whatever they do, they just cannot create anything close enough to what they see. Because of this discouraging feeling, many have given up their hopes and dreams of harnessing their artistic talent.
In all honesty, all of us have the talent to create a beautiful painting. We only need to have the determination to practice every day combined with the proper knowledge in order to succeed in making our own art. Although not all of us have the ability to produce a copied image of any given subject, we are free to use our own imagination to produce an art that is unique in the eyes of others. This kind of concept gave way to the rise of abstract painting and it has been made for all of us to feel free.
Like any other Chinese paintings, abstract paintings are also used as decorative materials posted on walls of houses, offices and buildings. Although the nature of its concept is far different from other painting styles which follow certain disciplines that need to be considered, the level of beauty and artistry found on abstract paintings and others are almost the same.
Aside from being decorative materials, abstract paintings also serve as an inspiration for young and aspiring painters. Having a non-objective type of approach, the abstract method of painting has greatly encouraged many individuals to try and improve their artistic skills. Using this method is a good way to familiarize an individual’s skill when it comes to drawing and painting. There are instances when some schools with art classes encourage their students to create some abstract paintings on their own in order to broaden their idea on artistry as well as to properly express their emotions and feeling through their art work.
Abstract paintings are also used to convey a story or a message. As much as every painting style has this kind of ability, various painters usually use the abstract method to entice the viewers of abstract paintings to think more out of the box. With the combination of different shapes, various colors and a number of different lines, viewers will really be challenged to decode the true meaning behind abstract paintings.
As of today, there still are people who believe that the abstract method should not be considered as art. But looking at the impact that it has made to many people, abstract painting has done more than enough to qualify as a part of human artistry.

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Understanding Abstract Art

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Understanding Abstract Art

Abstract arts use evident language or form, line and color to make an artwork which can stay with a degree of sovereignty from visual orientations within the world. Abstract art, non-objective art, and non-formal art are closely connected terms. Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of images in art. This departure from correct illustration will be solely slight, partial or it will be complete.

Abstraction exists on a time. Design that takes liberties and altering colors and types in ways that can be seen is also called as partly abstract. Total abstraction bears no outline of anything that is recognizable. In geometric abstraction for example, one is not likely to seek out references to realistic entities. Both geometric abstraction and lyrical abstraction are usually completely abstract. Among the terribly various art actions that symbolize limited abstraction would be as an example artistic movement within which color is prominently and purposely altered.

If you wish to completely appreciate the degree of design, it is vital to grasp the artist’s reasoning behind it. Part of the wonder of art is that, we have the tendency as a viewer to bring our own means of association and assign our own context primarily base upon our memories, personalities and life experiences in arts. With this, we don’t get to recognize precisely what the design is meant to be or to feel a deep appreciation for it.

On the opposite hand, knowing the artist’s thoughts and methods in making an explicit work of art adds an extra layer of meaning to every individual in the interpretations. It will take slightly an additional legwork. However, it will be worth the effort to scan slightly and considering the artist’s intention behind making the art. This may help you deepen your quest in perceiving it.

All art is made at time intervals and with explicit context. Artists, like their art, are influence by the age during which they’re operating. They’re influenced by what’s happening in their society, politics, and therefore their streams of artistic thoughts are mixed with everyday culture and their own daily lives. All of those factors leave impressions on the artist’s mind, wittingly or not, and successively confirm the shape and direction of the design.

So the next time you inspects an abstract painting, or any quite “modern art,” do not begin by finding out some recognizable objects from your world. Instead, attempt to enter the planet that the creative person created. Relax and let your eyes leisurely explore over the art’s surface. Let your mind and heart be one with its colors, textures and shapes. Let yourself be drawn into the action of its lines, the illusion of its areas and the mood of its atmosphere.



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Different Chinese Antiques

Sunday, April 14th, 2013


Different Chinese Antiques
China has been widely known for several stuffs. Aside from it rich history and great stories, Chinese from the ancient times were very famous of their arts. A lot of them still lives today and are now in the antique industry as the most prestigious pieces of art antique collections.
There are a lot of materials used in the creation of these masterpieces in the great times of China. But to create such great pieces requires great people with mastery on the art acquired from years and years of experience, combined with the highest qualities of the raw materials. This was then known as part of the Chinese cultures.
Here are the list of materials used during the early times in china to create such masterpieces we now call the Chinese antiques:
Bronze. Bronze actually played great art for the creations of the early dynasties in China. They are actually part of a good Chinese antique. Sacrificial vessels made in china, antique daggers, antique vine vessels that were form usually in animal shape, musical instruments, pots and many more actually have bonze as its raw material to make it last long!
Jade. Jade has also played a part in the Chinese antique collections. Chinese have started to carve jade as a material for masterpieces during the 3,000 B.C. in the Neolithic period. But jades carved during the earliest time on its history were only found to be small items like beads, animal statues for decoration and also for pendants. Then as the time grew old, the Chinese arts made of jades were developed into carving for items like chalices, pipes, burial suits and even brushes.
Ceramics. These are actually very famous pieces that originates from China. A lot of these materials are unearthed from various places. It was a proof that the Chinese trades were already very active in the early times that is products reached far places. Ceramics are actually products of pottery where high quality clay is used to make the pieces last this long for thousands of years ago.
When clay is mixed with crushed stones from china, it then creates a material for porcelain. Porcelain antiques have shiny surfaces and are smooth. China wares that are used in many homes today are actually products originating from China and are porcelain examples.
Chinese antiques are very valuable. Pottery materials are actually brittle. They might chip easily. But it is just so amazing how very ancient pottery pieces from china managed to last this long. you also can fine art gallery from here

Essence of Contemporary Art

Monday, March 18th, 2013


Essence of Contemporary Art
We are living in an era where people are getting busy. But due to the advancement of science and technology, we are provided by the most conventional ways of having our tasks done. In the world of art, science and technology has contributed too much in giving the artists of the modern world the tools that can help in creating works of art that will make them express their selves with a lot more profundity and sensuality. Artists are now given the media where one can actually create an art piece that enables them to make the viewers see what the artists feel ad think. These artworks are now known to be the contemporary art.
The Contemporary art is actually new in the art industry. There is no idea so far of how far will it go and how much it will change over time. But it has assured one thing though; it will probably be popular for the modern thinkers and will be placed surely among the traditional art forms in the future.
Given that the contemporary art bears a religious as well as the political influences, the western world actually valued this at form. These influences of the political and the religious views may mostly not be seen on the physical of the artworks, they are felt by both artists and art appreciators.
Contemporary artworks show a grave feeling of the anger, frustration as well as the despair in every piece lying behind with its subtleness. There is no need for vulgar words to be painted on its canvass to enable the viewers see what the artists wants to convey.
There is a possibility that some of the contemporary arts do not go well with the designs used in the traditional artworks due to the innovativeness of the designs and the modernized concepts it portrays. However, if you just try to observe closely, contemporary art still reflects the traditional art evolution from centuries and centuries ago. But, of course, there is no way that you may still be able to see it as one of the old criteria of art.
Thought it is common saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but for the world of art, beauty of a masterpiece will not be seen in the eyes of who ever looks at the piece, rather it is expressed on how the minds of the viewers sees it. Physical beauty is no longer the greatest asset of art, but the feeling that it creates to the viewer while looking at it.